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    Forex trading is one of the most popular markets in the world. During 2013, daily trading volume hit a record average of $5.3 trillion per day. Here are the top reasons why investors of all sizes are flocking to ForexCT to help them enter this market.

    100% Commission Free

    ForexCT does not charge any commissions. Period. Unlike traditional share market trading, we have zero commissions and zero hidden fees.


    Markets are Always Open

    Trade anywhere, anytime with ForexCT on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. The global nature of forex means that there is always a market that’s open for trading.


    Tailored Educational Solutions

    With ForexCT, it is easy to find the knowledge you need to fit your level of experience. Choose from our comprehensive suite of video tutorials, one-on-one courses and eBooks.


    A Level Playing Field

    The forex market offers equal opportunities to traders of all sizes. This stands in contrast to the traditional stock market, which can be swayed by a few large players.


    Abundant Opportunities

    Forex trading is generally considered to be more volatile than other markets. Swings in the market, currencies, and other traders’ activity mean a never-ending stream of opportunities.

    Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

    Magnify your exposure while making relatively small deposits. Our high leverage lets you open trades with low margin requirements and still benefit from the full face value.


    360 Degree Trading

    Make profit from the Forex market whether it goes up or down. Implement directional and non-directional trading strategies that capitalise on market movements whenever they happen.


    Better Risk Management

    We are firm believers in smart risk management and provide you with the stop loss and take profit tools you need to become a smarter trader


    Why trade Forex instead of shares?

    Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities

    There is never a flat market when it comes to Forex trading. In comparison, over the past few years, the share market has produced flat returns – in some cases, even generating negative returns that fell more than 5% year on year. Traders that understand how to trade on currency volatility can enjoy more profit potential than simply trading in the traditional share market.


    A comparison between the ASX 200 index compared to the AUD/USD. This volatility has created many opportunities for Forex traders.

    Guaranteed Liquidity

    There is always a buyer or a seller. The Forex market is spread all over the globe, operates 24 hours a day, and dominates the size and popularity of other financial markets. Due to its massive size and volume, the Forex market is typically considered to be extremely liquid – which means you will always be able to open a trade or close a position.


    Maximum Leverage

    There is always leverage when you need it. ForexCT offers leverage as high as 400:1, which lets you magnify your exposure even with small deposits. In comparison, the share market constrains or in some cases prohibits the use of leverage, thus reducing your profit potential.


    Market Safeguards

    The Forex market is not subject to delistings or takeovers. Traders are not protected from delistings or takeovers in the share market.


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